WHO, ICMR, FDA and ministry of Science & Technology have declared UV-C light effective over Corona Virus with this fact we have developed a device to curb the spread of Covid-19. UVC sanitizer is the chemical free infection control product and kills upto 99.9% of exposed organisms.
• Kills Corona Virus and other virus, bacteria.
• Completely designed made in India
• Affordable prize, Eco friendly.
• Non Contact.
• 24/7 service support.
• One year warranty.

UV Disinfectant Cabin

UV safe cabin is used for disinfection of mobile – Grocery.

Watch and other wearable items

Advantages of the UV cabin
  • Improves the durability, appearance and quality of the product.
  • No development of resistance of germs.
  • Prevention of cross contamination
  • No use chemicals
  • Digital display and visual feedback (M).
  • Auto power cut off with timer
  • Emergency shut down
Lamp hours :- 10000 hours
Watts:- 40W x 2 lamps 230V 50Hz
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Air Effective Cleaning areas

Residential purpose in (all rooms), Office area, corporate offices, All air conditioner rooms, Government offices, conference hall, cold storage (SP), Cafeteria, food court, all public transport vehicles like Cars, Vans, bus, trucks and etc., Hospitals & Clinics:- detail & general, medical shops, Fitness centre, gyms meat market & shop, fish market & shops.

All closed and sensitive industries like pharma, food process, IT produces. Advantages
  • Clean physical process without chemical
  • Does not produce NOc.
  • High operational security.
  • Demands minimum maintenance
  • Easy to maintain / Easy to move / Easy to install / Affordable price.Screen Size: 4.3” / 5.7” / 7” / 8.4” / 10.4” / 12.1” / 15” (Inchs)
L450 x W120x H150
Weight - 2.5 kg
Ideal For – Residential / commercial
Electrical ratio:- 230V AC, 50Hz, 40Watts
Lamp hours:- 1000 hours
Finish :- Stainless steel / Mild steel
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UV-C radiation up to 99.9% of all microbiological contamination on the surface can be killed. This cab significantly extent the life of the food and other items Specification: Tunnel size:-







And also customized conveyors available.
Over all length
M – Size – 1 meter X – Size – 2 meter XL – Size – 3 meter
• Lamp hours :- 10000 hours
• Watts :- 320 Watts 8 lamps (40Watts x 8) its depends on size of conveyors.
• Emergency switch with ON/OFF speed control
• Disinfection time of 4-10 sec
• Finish:- stainless steel or Mild steel
• Motor:- Siemens motor
• Drive :- Siemens speed control drive (VFD)
• Warranty: 1Year

360° sterilization of the product. Easy to use in all industry like departmental stores, courier, production company, corporate office, Malls, theatre, temples, food packing industries, food processing industries, bakery etc..

The UV Conveyor kills the viruses, bacterial infection, bad particles and reduces the entry of germs during production.
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UV Shoe disinfectant

UVC shoe sanitizer is chemical free infection control product and kills upto 99% of exposed organisms on the soles of shoes with in seconds.

  • Self-cleaning & hand free
  • Build in timer 3-10 seconds
  • Auto ON/OFF cutter with user control
  • Stainless steel construction 304 grade
  • Lamp hours : 10000 hours)
  • Weight-5kg
  • Dimension – 450x450x80
  • Warranty – 1 year
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