PLC’s & HMI Touch panels

Fatek Automation Corp., Made

FBs –Series Programmable Logic Controller

  • Offers Ultra High Performance in Micro PLC range in the Industry
  • 4-Axes motion control with 200KHz Pulse trains and specially designed instructions and functions ease the PLC for motion control.
  • Supports 2-axes Linear Interpolation & Dynamic tracking function
  • 4-Channel 200KHz High Speed pulse counter and interupt function for encoder feedback Can handle upto 512 I/O’s
  • Option for RS232, RS422, RS486, USB and Ethernet communication
  • Wide range of option modules for the expansion of Inputs, Outputs and communcation
  • Scan Time: .33mirco Sec/Seq. Instruction
  • Compact, Reliable, Powerful and easy program
  • Program Capacity: 20kWords & RTC onboard

Larsen & Toubro Made

LN-Touch series – Human Machine Interface

  • Screen Size: 4.3” / 5.7” / 7” / 8.4” / 10.4” / 12.1” / 15” (Inchs)
  • Display: TFT 65,536 Color
  • SInterface : Color Graphical with Analog Touch
  • Communication: Serial RS232 /485 /422 /Ethernet /Profibus /CC Link Etc
  • Operating Temperature : 0~50 Deg Celsius
  • Operating Voltage: 24VDC (20-28V)
  • Program Download: USB (as Standard), Ethernet, RS232
  • Special Functions: Data Logging, Recipe, Pass through, Recorder, Barcode reader, Roll printer, Security Setting, Graphic Library, Windows Font, Script
  • Software: LN-touch soft (User friendly windows based HMI program development environment for LN-touch)

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