Servo Systems

Servo Systems

Yaskawa Electric Corporation Japan

The new Sigma-V Servo-Drive Series

Highest accuracy, easiest set-up and unlimited connectivity

Servopack Type: SGDV 50W – 15kW


Sigma-5 is a servo pack, consisting of servo motors, servo amplifiers and a powerful set-up tool. Sigma-5 series offers rotary, direct drive and linear motors. They cover all market demands with regard to compact size, high dynamics, high efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding reliability. The most impressive feature of the Sigma-5 series is its positioning accuracy of up to 10 nm with standard products, while offering shortest positioning times. In addition, the well known autotuning function was optimised for the most sophisticated applications.

For Example

The new autotuning algorithm allows the perfect set-up of a two axes in super high performance machine in less than two hours – compared to more than eight hours needed by other products in the market. New Performance

The major benefits of Sigma-5, such as precise and fast positioning, highest machine speed, vibration less motion, smooth running at lowest speed, make Sigma-5 ideal for machines in the fields of electronics, semiconductors, packaging, printing and machine tools. The new Sigma-5 generation will also be a perfect match for the injection molding and metal forming industries, where high throughput and point-to-point positioning are decisive factors.

  • Short cycle time – high throughput
  • Improved product quality
  • Less machine wear
  • Short initial set-up time
  • Low lifecycle cost


  • Printing
  • Machine tools
  • Injection molding & Plastic processing
  • Metal forming industries
  • Textile machines
  • Electronics & semiconductors
  • Special purpose machines


Servo Systems

Sigma-5 is a servo pack, consisting of servo motors, servo amplifiers and a powerful set-up tool.

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