Servo Motor

  • Enhanced vibration suppression
  • Existing functions to minimize vibration have been enhanced and new ones added, improving tracking and further improving settling time. Vibration and noise during driving have also been cut, along with vibration at machine edges when stopping. Compare to Sigma-II earlier version.
  • Contributing to machine performance in conjunction with a medium-inertia motor.

Consist of two capacity

  • Medium-inertia servomotors : Improved control stability.
  • Low-inertia servomotors : High-speed acceleration and deceleration.
  • High-inertia servo motors : Large capacity upto 55 Kw
  • Mechatrolink II and III communication
  • Ethercat communication.
  • Build in Motion Controller.

Servo Pack

  • Unprecedented ease-of-use through cutting-edge technology
  • New tuning-less function means no adjustment needed.
  • Impression load regulation wit strengthened vibration suppression function.
  • Slashed setup time
  • Setup wizard function and wiring conformation function of engineering tool Sigma Win+ allows easy setup just by watching the monitor.
  • High response characteristics at 1 kHz min.
  • New advanced autotuning.
  • Reduced positioning time through model following control and smooth machine control.


Servo Systems

Sigma-5 is a servo pack, consisting of servo motors, servo amplifiers and a powerful set-up tool.

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Motion Controllers

The new MP2300 Machine Controller with compact cubic body offers best solutions to customers

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AC Drivers

Serial Communications: Embedded BACnet communications (BTL Certified), along with Modbus/Memobus, Metasys and Apogee...

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